Clinical supervision schemes

Most staff in health and social services, as well as other organisations such as charities, are expected to use supervision; see for example (2008) for the Advice Sheet on clinical supervision for nurses.

Good supportive supervision is intended to help people work SMARTer and encourage decision-making, responsibility, pride in the work, and better patient/client care. Yet there is still confusion about what it is, and exactly how to go about establishing a robust yet flexible scheme which won't make impossible demands on time and resources for hard-pressed professionals.

I now offer the 4S (Structure, Skills, Support and Sustainability) model of supervision (see three article in Nursing Times, May 2010) This enables an organisation to work through the process from initial decision-making to a sustainable and workable practice of clinical supervision which can continue into the future. Alternatively, just one of the four elements may be commissioned; some organisations, for example NHS Direct, and Ashton Leigh and Wigan PCT, have asked me simply to run 2-day supervision skills courses for their potential supervisors.

The 2-day clinical supervision skills course has been tested and developed across a wide range of organisations. It's aimed at equipping participants with sound solution focused skills in supervising individuals and groups, plus a grasp of the essential ethical and boundary issues. The course has a standard structure, although it is tailored to fit the organisation's requirements. Taking up to 20 participants, this course is practical, enjoyable and enables participants to leave enthusiastic and ready to start offering supportive supervision to colleagues.

Comments on the clinical supervision skills course, from a couple of previous commissioners:

"Carole offered us the solution-focussed model and finally everything fell into place. Staff at all levels have been trained and I have been thrilled by their previously untapped abilities. The staff have been very keen and have thoroughly enjoyed learning the new skills and we are looking forward to putting our new clinical supervision scheme into practice".

Speech & Language Therapy Manager, Ashton Leigh and Wigan Primary Care Trust

"We have received excellent support this year from Carole in setting up a robust support system for our Speech and Language Therapy Department.

Carole’s experience and skills have helped us to get started and are inspiring us to continue.

The usefulness of the solution focused approach extends far beyond supporting staff within the department. The skills learned can be applied to training students, more generally when working with other professionals and where appropriate with parents."

Manager, Central Primary Care Trust.

I welcome initial contact to discuss whether I can be of help in developing a suitable, sustainable scheme with your organisation.

Contact me for further details on any of the above.